Mon, 18 Apr 2005

GNOME 2.10 in experimental

The last week has seen some more activity in the Debian GNOME front. According to people who have been following a bit more closely that me (I've been totally out of the business), most of the pieces of the 2.10 puzzle are in place and many people are already using GNOME 2.10.1 in Debian.

The biggest problem right now is the lack of a newer libxklavier version than gnome-control-center requires, and gnome-applets which requires gst-backends (maintainer working on it) so we've had to put those packages in pkg-gnome's temporary repository while this gets sorted out in experimental. Remember, the apt lines you currently need should look like this:

# Debian experimental
deb ../project/experimental main
# GNOME 2.10 pending packages
deb experimental main

If you don't know how to upgrade with this information, you should really wait for the upload to unstable once Sarge freezes, or seek help on IRC, in #gnome-debian, because this update currently involves an upgrade to glibc 2.3.4 which can, according to some people, really mess up your install. This dependency will be fixed soon, though. 2.10 should be more or less to use right now, and quite a few people have upgraded already.

I'll announce when libxklavier, gnome-control-center, gst and gnome-applets enter experimental. Happy testing!

End of sprint

The last two weeks have been quite complicated. Very little sleep, lots of stuff to finish at work and the deadline quickly approaching...

I don't think I have been so stressed in many years, some days I got back home and thought about getting some pills to calm down. Thank you for that, OpenOffice!

So, after our longest non-week-end, the LliureX team has created the ISO of the CD that will be distributed in the Valencian Free Software Congress which will take place in Castelló early next month. To get here, I've done around 10 builds of in our quest to add Valencian support. The fight was long, and OOo nearly won, but luckily Sergio joined ZuleX's OOo division in the last moment and we managed to get rid of a small bug consisting in menubars speaking German instead of Valencian.

Besides the OOo headaches, it's time ditch MozillaTranslator in favour of any of the alternatives available, because MT really, really sucks and fucked my migration from Thunderbird 0.9 to 1.0.

Anyway, it's been two tough weeks, but I think we got there more or less. After being through this, I guess I cannot envy any Canonical employee two weeks before a Ubuntu release, if they have to work like this before their release day. I guess this happens everywhere actually, but it's the first time I go through it...

This crazy weekend also held me in València, when I was expected to participate in a round table about translation tools during the III Jornades of Softcatalà in Barcelona, to speak about Rosetta. I'm sorry for not being able to attend, but I tried my best. :/

Now I'll get back to "normal life". I've got a ton of mail and IRC queries which I couldn't reply to. Marga et all, please try again now. :)