Mon, 29 May 2006


I arrived in Sevilla this morning to attend tecnimap 2006, and I will be staying in the city until Friday evening. I'd love to hook up with the Sevillan Free Software community after the show ends during the week, so if you're in the area, please contact me by phone (there's plenty of Debian people who know my number) or by email and we can try to make up some plans.

I'm staying in the Sevilla Congresos hotel in the outskirts, so going out to the city involves taxis, busses or other non-trivial means of transportation, so have that in mind!

Getting here has been quite stressful, but that's no news anymore. At 00:00 last night, not only I had not packed at all, but all my clothes were scattered around thre different flats in the city, and I had no car to go pick the stuff up. Luckily, this morning my sister could give me a lift to pick things up and then took me to the airport.

The flight revealed a very dry landscape as we headed south, and some irrigated areas in the middle of pure desert. There are also some very characteristic circular fields that show very cool patterns when looked from the heights. It's pretty hot in here, but still bearable. I don't want to imagine August around the place.

Anyway, if you're in Sevilla, I hope to be able to meet you any of the four evenings or nights I'll be around. I need some natives to walk me around the place, and in some cases, translate the very special Andalusian spoken here. :) Momona people, I also mean you!

Sat, 20 May 2006

Annoying software features

There are programs that get installed with defaults that annoy me day after day, but I never care to do anything to fix the configuration files across all the boxes where I use it.

For example, emacs in Debian creates stupid backup~ files by default, which after a while accumulate in my homedirs.

It's so cool when these backups I always grumble at save 2 hours of work, after misstyping “rm” instead of “less”...

Mon, 15 May 2006


It's this time of the year again.

It's a bit disappointing that I'm not going to celebrate my birthday having lots of fun somewhere in Mexico, but things tend to suck every now and then.

Still, I've had quite a good time this last weekend, meeting lots of friends at the Fira Alternativa de València, where I got a few old CDs I hadn't seen around in a while, and a pair of thingies to decorate the house.

On Saturday I even went flying with my uncle on a small 4-seat airplane over València and the south. The Albufera looks fantastic in Spring from up there, even if the sky wasn't too clear. Too bad the America's Cup idiots were out on the sea and the air route we wanted to take along the Valencian coast was closed to low traffic, I guess because there were helicopters filming the stuff. Another reason to hate all this America's Cup business.

Today, my step-sister also gave birth to a child, with whom I now share my birthday. Fun :)

Thu, 11 May 2006

The difference between Oaxtepec and Seville

So, I'm not going to Debconf. I suspected this long ago, when the dates were changed to early May, but you never know. During the last month, I've been finding daily pink notification alerts on my irssi window, with different people asking me to start swimming to Mexico, to book a last minute flight, to work overhours so I can justify leaving office for a whole week. In short, to POP THE TRUNK.

But unfortunately, it doesn't look like I'll make it, being Thursday, and when I was planning a hypothetical departure on Saturday in the same flight as other Spanish Debian people. So, I've spent some time reading the blog entries that start flooding Planet Debian from people who are already attending Debcamp. NO NO NO! I can't believe there are even 10m diving platforms.

There's talk at the office about me maybe having to go to some conference in Seville. jacobo and ana had an opinion on that.

12:06 < ana> jordi: dude, mexico es mucho mas interesante que sevilla
12:07 < jacobo> en vez de decirte "quillo" te dicen "cuate"

I still have 1 and a half days to take some wild decision and get there by surprise. That would be fair with azeem. :)