Sun, 24 Apr 2005

Flying to Sydney

It's past 2AM and I'm sitting in an airplane on my way to Sydney. The monitor in front of me, besides a zillion different movies and TV shows, has a channel with a map that gives you information about your journey.

Along with not so useful stuff like "tail wind" or "outside temperature" (it's -40°C outside, so what?), there's a countdown of the time it'll take to arrive to Singapore, our first destination. Even if it already feels like I've been inside here for an eternity, I still have 9 hours to go, but I'm trying to stay up as much as possible in an attempt to fight jet lag a bit.

We're currently flying over the Black Sea, and soon we'll be over interesting places like Iraq. I wouldn't put money into this, but I'm pretty sure the map stuff is made using xplanet, or xplanet's maps, because the night shading is just exactly the same as what I used as my background years ago. The size of this airplane was quite a surprise. It appears to be quite big from the airport's terminal, but when I got in and saw how wide (and tall) it is I couldn't help a "woah" to myself.

As the goal is to kill time as fast as possible without wasting too much laptop battery (currently at 68%, 2h 14m remaining), I decided to watch the fist movie I could identify on the many channels. Soon enough I found a tatooed Wesley Snipes on channel 4, so I ended watching a total POS called "Blade Trinity" which got rid of 2 hours quite easily.

I still have battery to watch a full DVD, and I think that's what I'm going to do until 4AM CEST. I have with me Chocolat and another one by Woody Allen.