Tue, 20 May 2008

Thank you!

Last Thursday, and the few days after, were quite intense. A series of events made me feel really loved by a lot of people, which is always a good reminder of what kind of friends you are surrounded by.

I could talk about Pep's gift at work, Visenteta, a goldfish which now lives in an aquarium at home, which in turn was donated by Cristina and Brande. While I still have mixed feelings about keeping animals in cages, my choices were give it a better place than the small bowl where it initially lived, give it away to someone who could properly take care of Visenteta, or sacrifice it. I unsuccessfully tried #2, can't do #3 myself, so I accepted Brande's offer to have a decently-sized aquarium at home. Visenteta seems happy today, and I've learned all about aquarium maintenance the hard way.

During the day my mobile phone didn't rest for too long intervals; everyone was calling it to congratulate me and so on. But the bigger emotions came after leaving work, when I went to l'Alqueria to hang around with my friends and see if they would go have an orxata with Maria and me. Strangely, they refused, being in the middle of an apparently very important plant transplantation operation. When suggested going for dinner instead, the reaction was pretty cold too, but this was understandable as we'd meet on Friday at my place for a tiny celebration. In the end we headed off to Alboraia alone and had a delicious orxata in Toni's shop.

Maria said she had a surprise reservation in a Indo-Pakistani restaurant near my house, so after a while we cycled back to València. As it was getting dark and cold, we went into my house to get some clothes, and when I opened the living room door, I was scared by a bunch of shadows suddenly shouting at me and was buried in confetti. I couldn't react for the next 10 seconds, while my brain quickly built relations of many details that had happened during the week, all part of the preparations for a secret party at my own place.

Wow, the feeling is incredible. I've participated in similar surprise parties, but had never been the target. I hope everyone reading this gets one at least once in their lives, I really loved it!

But still, when the party ended, I slowly started to find little gifts all over the place: a book under my pillow, a bicycle bell on my handlebar, a cactus for my computer space...

My friends had been planning all of this for the last two weeks, and I never suspected anything. Incredible! It really makes me feel surrounded by people who care about and love me, and went through the hassle of coordinating 10 or 12 persons with me not noticing at all. Thank you, everyone!

The book, by the way, is Si no plou, plourà, by TV3's Mònica López, a fun compendium of popular weather proverbs which we discovered in a gas station in Tarragona, during our Easter trip to la Terra Alta.

Thu, 15 May 2008


And today, I finally turn 30. I've been grumpy about this day getting closer and closer for the last three or four years, which have passed in front of my eyes with me nearly not noticing.

The last year has had more downs than ups, and at times has been quite dark. I feel things are slowly getting better, and I spend more time looking forward than back, which certainly should help.

Tomorrow I'll hold a small party at home with some friends, but the big and proper event will be in September, when five or six people in our colla, born in 1978, will celebrate our 30th birthday, in a massive, weekend-long party already dubbed La festa dels excessos. You shouldn't miss this one!

Thanks to the many people who have phoned, texted or emailed me already. It reminds me that I'm surrounded by people who love me and were there when I needed them.