Fri, 29 Apr 2005

Status update on GNOME 2.10 for Debian

Activity at UDU is quite non-stop, but I found a small gap to update on the status of the experimental packages, while Mako and I finish writing up a few entries on some funny stuff going on here.

The pkg-gnome alioth deb-line should be obsolete now, and it might be a good idea to remove it. The new ftp-masters have done a great job accepting NEW packages as soon as they were uploaded, and control-center and gnome-applets were sponsored a few days ago, making experimental the only needed apt repository.

We are still missing 2.10 versions for some minor, non-critical modules that are now officially part of the GNOME desktop, but they will continue coming in. In short, I think GNOME 2.10 is now fully usable just using packages from experimental, and in the near future, a new release of the meta-packages will be uploaded to experimental so people can easily upgrade with just apt-get install gnome -t experimental. Stay tuned!