Mon, 18 Apr 2005

GNOME 2.10 in experimental

The last week has seen some more activity in the Debian GNOME front. According to people who have been following a bit more closely that me (I've been totally out of the business), most of the pieces of the 2.10 puzzle are in place and many people are already using GNOME 2.10.1 in Debian.

The biggest problem right now is the lack of a newer libxklavier version than gnome-control-center requires, and gnome-applets which requires gst-backends (maintainer working on it) so we've had to put those packages in pkg-gnome's temporary repository while this gets sorted out in experimental. Remember, the apt lines you currently need should look like this:

# Debian experimental
deb ../project/experimental main
# GNOME 2.10 pending packages
deb experimental main

If you don't know how to upgrade with this information, you should really wait for the upload to unstable once Sarge freezes, or seek help on IRC, in #gnome-debian, because this update currently involves an upgrade to glibc 2.3.4 which can, according to some people, really mess up your install. This dependency will be fixed soon, though. 2.10 should be more or less to use right now, and quite a few people have upgraded already.

I'll announce when libxklavier, gnome-control-center, gst and gnome-applets enter experimental. Happy testing!

Ei, felicitats! Tenia "mono" de Gnome 2.10 a Debian, però ja gairebé hi sou, com sempre.


(Per cert, m'espanta el tema glibc... em posaré el 2.10 quan es tranquilitzi una mica el tema).

Posted by Alex at Mon Apr 18 21:50:44 2005

Is it possible to upload the pending packages to alioth?


Posted by Albert at Tue Apr 19 00:26:50 2005

Hi, good work with this, but I've some problem upgrading nautilus, as it introduces the new libnautilus-extension that conflics with libnautilus2, needed among other by python-gnome.


Posted by Emilio at Tue Apr 19 01:52:55 2005

Theres is any YUM or apt-get repository with Gnome 2.10 ?

Odivelas - Portugal

Posted by Paulo Aboim Pinto at Tue Apr 19 02:34:49 2005

The pending packages have started their route to experimental. gst-backends and libxklavier are waiting for ftpmaster approval, something which lately consists of a few hours of wait. After those hit, we'll upload control-center and gnome-applets. gnome-system-tools will be finished soon. Also, there'll be a python-gnome2 update soon, which will probably fix gdesklets and other stuff for people.

Posted by Jordi at Tue Apr 19 16:25:58 2005

Hi Jordi.  Are there any packages being built for amd64?  As I understand it there is not an experimental autobuilder for amd64. I might be interested in helping build packages if no one else has stepped up.

Posted by James Curbo at Wed Apr 27 05:25:29 2005


it looks like that Packages(.gz) on do not contain i.e. gnome-applets, but in pool i can find it. They are still missing in experimental.

Posted by Kepi at Wed Apr 27 21:07:10 2005

but, Gentoo ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

Posted by gentooer at Wed Apr 27 22:50:32 2005

Hi Jordi,

I've tried updating to Gnome 2.10 with the sources lines you specified, but all I get is 2.8x... Is there a problem ?


Posted by Jon Biddell at Mon Aug 15 02:22:38 2005