Sun, 03 Apr 2005

Back from Kvitåvatn

Brande, Núria and I just arrived a few hours ago to València, after leaving Rjukan at 6AM on Saturday and spending nearly 24 hours travelling back home.

Our week at the Kvitåvatn Fjellstoge in Norway has been, without doubt, one of my best vacations ever. Not only for discovering cross-country skiing, but because I've managed to disconnect from the daily stress and worries almost completely for eight days. Waking up every day near Brande, Núria and my new friends Alfredo, Patricia and Diego, with the Gausta peak saying "good morning" outside our window was just priceless.

I'll have to write a long blog entry soon or I'll forget many cool details, but not now as I'm pretty exhausted from travelling. We'll post the more or less 300 pictures somewhere soon, too.