Sun, 15 May 2005


Ok, it's this day again. I feel like last time happened very recently. This last year has been full of new experiences.

Just two weeks before turning 26 I got my current job at the Conselleria de Cultura to work on LliureX. This has been my first "real job", so there have been quite a lot of experiences involved.

LliureX probably meant the end of my very active triathlon activities. Not long after starting there, demotivation appeared and I started to train less and less, until, in Oxford, I decided I would try to do a "different" season this year. The truth is that I haven't tried regularly at all, and still haven't participated in any competition.

Oxford takes me to the third of the big events of the last year. From not having travelled too much in my life, to a sudden burst of travel opportunities throughout the year. It started with Canonical inviting me to their first "official" conference in Oxford, for two weeks over August. I also was in Manresa for a few days during the summer. In December, I was happy to be invited to the second Ubuntu Conference, this time in Mataró, making the travelling not so exciting (just about 400 kilometres away :) but the conference itself was very nice, including Deaths in a bag my first experience with the Ubuntu virus, and the very early morning runs with the incredible kiko.

The 5th of March I went with Carlos to London, for more fun with the Launchpad/Rosetta people. Soon after, on late March, I took my first vacation in years when I went with Brande and Núria to the Telemark, in Norway, where I spent a fantastic week. A full blog entry on that is still being scribbled, *sigh*. Soon after I was hopping into a plane to Sydney, after a crazy travel planning. Before all of this fun I had been a handful of times outside of Spain, so I guess this year really made a difference in that regard.

Other big things happening during the year were me finally moving out to a flat with two friends, now that my economic independence let me do it. The lack of triathlon training, and the free time this provided, might have had something to do with the recent improvements in my relations with the other gender, which has had me quite happy for a few months now.

I'm not looking forward to getting closer and closer to being 30 years old, but if next year is going to be as good as this one, I'll have little to moan about...