Fri, 22 Apr 2005

Ubuntu Down Under

Things move quite fast in my life lately, but what happened today was a bit extreme.

Yesterday, at 1AM, attending to Canonical's Ubuntu Down Under conference was just out of the picture. And then, Carlos appeared...

01:05 < jordi> sigh, I wish I was there.
01:07 < carlos> jordi: the conference is next week, you can join us :-)

Just for fun, I looked in some flights webpage, saw there were tickets, and why not, asked Mark if I could make it still. Shocking, he said "Take the ticket!", so I just had to ask at work...

This morning, first thing I do is ask Pablo: "So, can I go to Australia? Today?". Knowing he couldn't say "yes" with his boss hat on, but wanting me to take the opportunity, he redirected me to the head of the department, who had no problem at all.

So that's it. From having to reject Mark's invitation to suddenly having e-tickets waiting for me at the airport. Thanks to everyone involved in making this possible! I'm not looking forward to the massive amount of time I'll be inside a plane tomorrow, but I know UDU is going to be just fantastic. See you there!

Ah, have a nice day tomorrow up there in Catalunya!

You are a pute. Please bring back a boomerang for me and a bottle of kangaroo liquor.

Posted by Jesús Corrius at Fri Apr 22 18:04:41 2005