Mon, 30 May 2005

The French say "Non"!

Coming back with Rambonabo from the cinema, where I watched Episode III for the second time (this time I didn't pay for the ticket), we learned from the radio the results for the French referendum.

I was pretty confident about "No" winning, and I'm happy to see it was by a quite acceptable margin, given how high participation was. I don't know how the process continues now that a key member has rejected the current text. One would hope France would start pushing for changes in the Constitution with the goal of writing a new version that makes some people that today voted no happy, and that would be voted again. What doesn't sound too "democratic" is what Giscard says needs to be done: to vote over and over and over again until the "Oui" option wins.

I'm still a bit perplexed at Spain's results for the same vote. That did suck a bit. Not only for the final result, but for the overwhelming percentage of votes supporting "Sí" in our referendum. Were the 80% of the (not that many) people who voted informed about what's in the Constitution? Do they know that if they find out a bit later, after it's approved, that they don't really like this or that bit, it's virtually impossible to change it?