Sun, 06 Mar 2005

This train is for Cockfosters

Yesterday, Carlos and I flew to London, where Mark is hosting a mini-meeting to talk about Rosetta stuff. After spending the day at his appartment, Daf, Carlos and I went to have a walk around the city centre.

We visited a few streets that are full of bookstores, as I'm supossed to buy The Little Prince in Welsh and Gaelic for a friend. It's been impossible to find it, so I might knock at Amazon UK's door and be done with it. After the bookstores, we went into the Chinese area and had dinner at a restaurant. I had a "few" problems with the chop sticks and I took ages to finish my bowl.

Being all tired, we decided that it was enough and went back to our hotel, ignoring the fact that the rest of the city was getting drunk already and didn't go into a club for a little while.

Bedtime now, as we have a long day ahead tomorrow. I'm looking forward to meet Scott again on Monday, as he's apparently coming to Mark's place too during the week.