Mon, 21 Feb 2005

Guerrers de Xi'an

After being in Barcelona, during the suspicious Fòrum de les Cultures, and after in Madrid, the Terracota Warriors from Xi'an exposition came to València. The entrance is free for everyone, but there are long queues. I was lucky enough to get 3 tickets for a guided tour during the first day of the show, last Friday. These tickets get you a guide who explains the details about all the pieces, and also quite important, gets you past the queue. :)

I invited Kiko and his workmate Marisol to come with me. A few other members of my family also came with their own tickets, including my 93 year old grandfather, who didn't seem to have many problems to walk all over the museum without getting too tired.

Marisol, Kiko and I enjoyed the stuff, despite our guide being completely unprofessional... if someone was lucky to understand what she was saying (you could only do that if you were straight in front of her) and then asked something to her, instead of just answering "I don't know, sorry", she would invent something, which in some cases sounded quite funny.

The figures from the Qin dynasty were quite big and and impressive, while the objects and figures from the Han dynasty were smaller but a lot more varied. One interesting object was a female masturbation toy made in bronze, and quite big in size.

While the exposition was very interesting, for some reason I expected more. I had seen many pictures from the excavation which showed hundreds of big figures in huge trenches, and I thought the exposition would have a big number of them. But there were only a few 10 big Qin figures and another area with more Han stuff. This doesn't mean by any means that it's not worth visiting, on the contrary, if you're somewhere near València at some point from now to April 1st, you should consider finding some time to visit els Guerrers.

Blog is back

Shortly after posting about referal spam killing my box a few times in two days, things got a lot worse and the box would go down every hour or so. As is, besides a home webserver, a NAT box for my father's Internet connection, having the box more dead than alive was quite unacceptable, and I had to stop Apache2 until I found another place for the blog.

Mako, jacobo (who is back into blogging, for the joy of many in #gpul) and a few others offered temporary hosting for this site while sto and I decide on renting a UML-based box or whatever.

Before moving somewhere else, I tried a few of the last options at the old, slow box, and it seems PyBlosxom caches are really working, at least for now. Despite having gone over a few spam attacks since Saturday, it looks like the box is cutting it quite ok. mrtg reports a few high load peaks over the night, but nothing that kills it. I used the dbm-based pyblosxom cache driver, and the first difference is that apparently I don't get one process per request anymore, and only that prevents running out of memory. I've had one case where the blog would be empty, which was fixed by just rm'ing the cache db. If it happens again, I'll try with the entrypickle cache driver to see if there's any improvement.

Anyway, even if it still works, it's obvious a Pentium 150Mhz is not enough these days, and will have to find something cheap to host my stuff as soon as possible. In the following days I will finish the migration to a new domain name, which will be a start. doesn't make much sense anymore, and quite probably I will let it expire next year.