Wed, 23 Feb 2005

Going to Telemarken, Norway

I just bought tickets to go to Norway at the end of next month. It's taken a while to make up my mind, but thankfully Brande was persuasive and kept insisting that I should come. I'm sure I won't regret.

Brande is my sister's boyfriend, and has British/Danish double nationality. For some reason, his Danish family owns a part of a hotel in Telemarken, so he can book rooms for a totally ridiculous price for Spain, which is like 10+ times cheaper than the normal price in Norway, apparently.

The plan is to go there, three of us at the moment, and do some skiing, climbing the hills all over the place for one week. I fear the low temperatures, despite we'll go at the end of March. I'm simply not made for the cold. The other day Brande showed me a few pics of his other ski trips to Telemarken and it looks like we'll have a great time.

Oh, and then, there's the crazy sauna thing. I hear that there's this tradition of going into the sauna after your long ski day, and after you've been inside that hell for a while, you go out naked and lay on the snow for as much time as you can. That can't be good for my health.

I'm looking forward to my longest trip (in distance) ever. The farthest place I had visited before was London/Oxford, so imagine.