Fri, 11 Feb 2005

A few suggestions to parasites

Dear assholes,

If you plan to take advantage of my blog to rank your shitty pharmacy webpage high on Google, take the following into consideration:

Thanks for considering a symbiotic relationship in the future.

So the bastards did it again yesterday, and this time I had to drive to where the box is located and see what was going on in console. As expected, OOM killer fun, and by no means I could recover it, even after taking it off the network and trying to SysRQ it a bit.

It seems the spammers are trying to take advantage of referral stats now, and hit sites with tons of requests. Every request to /blog in this site means a not so cheap python process which takes quite some memory, which is a scarce resource in poor With just a few blog processes going on, the box starts swapping to its death.

I know, I should add limits to my Apache2 configuration, and possibly pyblosxom caches. For now, stopping spamd has helped a bit, as that process only was sucking ~35% of the memory.