Tue, 08 Feb 2005

Blue Gold never expires

One month ago I blogged about my awesomely b0rked Metro ticket and how I was being able to use Valencia's expensive metro system nearly for free. I also said that this "gift" would expire at the end of the month, as fees change on January and the old tickets are invalidated.

Yesterday, it started raining a lot in València, and when I woke up today it hadn't stopped. The rain was heavy enough to make me not want to cycle to work, so I had the first opportunity to find out if the ticket still worked after February 1st. At the station, I inserted my card with little hope, and 1 second later the gates opened. It seems Mako's prediction about the card being so fucked up that it would continue working no matter the date was right.

This totally rocks. The Metro here is expensive enough that it hurts to take it 4 or 5 times a week. Luckily I'm still on the Blue Gold Rush, and will have no problems with using it until the cardboard ticket breaks apart after too much usage. Others might think I'm stealing, though. :)