Fri, 11 Feb 2005

A few suggestions to parasites

Dear assholes,

If you plan to take advantage of my blog to rank your shitty pharmacy webpage high on Google, take the following into consideration:

Thanks for considering a symbiotic relationship in the future.

So the bastards did it again yesterday, and this time I had to drive to where the box is located and see what was going on in console. As expected, OOM killer fun, and by no means I could recover it, even after taking it off the network and trying to SysRQ it a bit.

It seems the spammers are trying to take advantage of referral stats now, and hit sites with tons of requests. Every request to /blog in this site means a not so cheap python process which takes quite some memory, which is a scarce resource in poor With just a few blog processes going on, the box starts swapping to its death.

I know, I should add limits to my Apache2 configuration, and possibly pyblosxom caches. For now, stopping spamd has helped a bit, as that process only was sucking ~35% of the memory.

Spam alleviated by stopping spamd. Touch of irony there, don't you think :)

Hosting your own blog is always more work than using a blogging service. If there is any advantage to it, I don't see what it is.

Posted by randomwalker at Fri Feb 11 11:44:30 2005

bots don't read, so i guess this is shot in the air (milk, or anything else but spammers).
You should update your blog to make their spam pointless:

Posted by tm at Fri Feb 11 14:28:36 2005

When you take advantage of Metro's improperly implemented system its okay.  But, its wrong when spammers take advantage of the system.

Posted by Bob at Fri Feb 11 16:13:31 2005

Hey Jordi, if you use my solution for blocking Link Spammers, feel free to use this logo: ;)

Posted by sukria at Fri Feb 11 17:09:48 2005

tm: this isn't blogspam, unfortunately :(

randomwalker: well, spamd was running for the postfix that lives there. The mail that reaches the addresses here are not important and nearly non-public, so I don't care.

bob: heh, I was expecting that. :) I love your comparison of apples and pears. The public transport company here abuses students and people with not so many resources with their abusive fares. doesn't abuse anyone in any way, AFAIK.

Sukria: rock! :)

Posted by Jordi at Fri Feb 11 17:39:50 2005