Sat, 26 Jun 2004

More GNOME in Sarge status

Sorry, I know this might be boring, but people seem to want me to post here whenever there's news.

Things have improved quite noticeably since yesterday. control-center has finally entered testing today, so after your next sarge upgrade, your icons should show up as normal again. There gedit problem stands unsolved, and it'll take a while, so if you're annoyed at it, consider hand-fixing it.

Other good news is that epiphany and galeon have also entered testing, even when Mozilla 1.7 had been uploaded to unstable, managing to avoid the new dependency. A new epiphany for Mozilla 1.7 has been uploaded and I guess galeon will follow suit quickly.

Slightly unrelated, I uploaded meta-gnome2 55 today, adding gnome-cups-manager to the gnome meta-package, and the nice HIG documentation to gnome-devel. Spies report that Ross is happy now.

France was kicked out of Euro 2004, too. It's interesting to see how all the big favourites have been sent home quite early.