Fri, 11 Jun 2004

Upgraded to pyblosxom 1.0.0

This afternoon I spent some time upgrading pyblosxom to version 1.0.0.

I had been using the Debian package, which had 0.8.1... in experimental... the package in unstable is still at 0.7.x. I obviously grabbed the tarball and installed it in /usr/local. After the upgrade, it seems the rss generator has become a lot more picky, and would choke in the dozen HTML small errors that I had all over my blog posts. Omnic noticed my posts were empty in Planet Debian just as I was closing terminals in preparation for heading to bed. It should be ok now.

I'll probably start writing a new style sheet for the entire web tomorrow, and think about moving the whole blog to the topdir of my webserver, as I really have no other uses for it.