Wed, 09 Jun 2004

Blog spam

The other day I found one comment in one of my blog's posts which sounded weird. It said "HI, Wow.. this is a very informative website! I enjoy your site very much! Keep up the good work!" or similar. The author name linked to what looked like a pretty boring personal website. Yesterday I discovered most of my blog posts have one or more of these messages. What the fuck, they are spamming me through my blog! They basically write random nonsense like that, and add a link to an online-casino or whatever in the link you can leave as signature in pyblosxom.

Has anyone else had problems like this in their blogs? If it continues, it'll be easy to fix: I will just remove the comments module from my install and be done with it. Thanks to those who post useful stuff every now and then, though. It's nice to read replies to some of my posts.