Sat, 19 Jun 2004

Valencian exam

This morning, I took the "Grau superior" exam for Valencian. As expected it was damn difficult. It actually was less difficult than I thought, but difficult enough for my sister, me and other 3 friends to have no expectations on passing. After the exam, we started talking about some of the tricky questions and was a bit depressing, heh. This is the highest level of Valencian, and they are not permissive at all with spelling mistakes, etc. I think it's enough with 3 spelling mistakes in a 200-letter writeup to make you fail all of it. Anyway, I had not prepared it at all, I expect to do it again in November after we've studied a bit. Studying this level is difficult though, many of our problems come from lack of very extense vocabulary, which you can't really help by studying a text book. You improve vocabulary by using the language every day, reading books, and so on. Even if it's difficult, I love the language. :)

The European Constitution

Following up a bit on Murray's piece on the European elections, let's have a brief look at the brand new Constitution which was approved yesterday (MJ Ray already blogged a bit about this). So, do you, European citizens reading this, know a single thing about this document? Not me, at least. I have no idea what this apparently very important document talks about, and how it affects us in our everyday lifes. I suspect it's quite full of numbers, quotas, freedom limitations and so on, but it's quite interesting that the major part of the population isn't aware of this. It's quite frightening that on some countries, it'll be imposed by their government. Actually, nobody talked about testing it in referendums until Tony Blair announced he would do that. Then, the Spanish PM and others also expressed their support to this idea, but they only started discussing this a month ago or so, when the text was mostly finished.

If we end up getting a chance of voting about the Constitution, I think it won't be too surprising if it doesn't pass in some of the 25 countries. I suspect the text is vague or ignores completely many social aspects of our different regions. Just to name one, it is impossible for a Catalan citizen to express themselves in their mother tongue when dealing with EU bureocracy. Isn't that discrimination?