Sat, 19 Jun 2004

Valencian exam

This morning, I took the "Grau superior" exam for Valencian. As expected it was damn difficult. It actually was less difficult than I thought, but difficult enough for my sister, me and other 3 friends to have no expectations on passing. After the exam, we started talking about some of the tricky questions and was a bit depressing, heh. This is the highest level of Valencian, and they are not permissive at all with spelling mistakes, etc. I think it's enough with 3 spelling mistakes in a 200-letter writeup to make you fail all of it. Anyway, I had not prepared it at all, I expect to do it again in November after we've studied a bit. Studying this level is difficult though, many of our problems come from lack of very extense vocabulary, which you can't really help by studying a text book. You improve vocabulary by using the language every day, reading books, and so on. Even if it's difficult, I love the language. :)

And for us that don't speak Spanish, could you explain a little bit more about the exam?


Posted by Tommi at Sun Jun 20 23:33:25 2004

Hi Jordi, why do you call your language Valencian? is it not Catalan? I think you must know in what context you are speaking: I'm from Mallorca, so I can tell you, in a private manner that I speak Mallorquí, although we know that we both speak Catalan, but when you are in a world wide context I think you should call your language as Catalan.


Posted by Jaume at Sun Jun 20 23:46:08 2004