Thu, 16 Mar 2006

GNOME 2.14, també en català

GNOME 2.14 was successfully released last night, and the release churning caught me in my hotel room in London, while preparing to go to bed. Knowing that the release notes were done in Catalan, but not uploaded, I decided to work on that for a while and ended up going to bed later than I would have wished. Congratulations to everyone involved in making 2.14 happen, it's exciting to watch GNOME maturing release after release.

As for the Catalan credits, again, I haven't been able to help much with GNOME 2.14 translations other than guidance and some tiny bit of coordination on our list. Thankfully, Josep, Xavi, Gil and Jordi, and not forgetting our new contributors like Maria, are always ready to carry most of the burden of the release. Again, this GNOME release is completely translated to our language, and I think we can highlight the polish of the translations, thanks to the ongoing review process.

Rock on, GNOME!