Sat, 11 Mar 2006

Quant a Ubuntutu

Embarrasing enough, Ubuntu has shipped a Catalan translation for the very prominent About Ubuntu GNOME Panel menu entry which read “Quant a Ubuntutu”. It’s been there for so long that irazuzta and I really considered not fixing it at all for “hysterical raisins”.

Anyway, seb128 now has a patch to correct this at long last in Ubuntu’s gnome-panel. He promised to include it in monday's 2.14.0 upload… seb: DON’T FORGET!

In the meanwhile, Jordi Irazuzta and I just finished setting up the Ubuntu Catalan Translators team, with the mailing of some detailed instructions on how we want to get work done in the team.

It's been months of planning and designing a workflow to make a Ubuntu translation team and the openness that Rosetta offers to all the members of a team fit in Softcatalà’s high standards for the quality of the translations made by the organisation.

As soon as people start mailing back and get subscribed to the team’s mailing list, they'll get tasks assigned and we'll get the team kickstarted, with lots of work to be done before the Dapper release. The key for this team’s success is that we educate our volunteers to contribute their Ubuntu translations to the upstream projects or relevant Catalan teams, and that this is somehow coordinated. The experience will be quite good for me to identify some of the “social” problems with Rosetta, as many times people ask if their translations for Ubuntu will appear in other distributions as well.

The team is led, for now, by Jordi Irazuzta, lo noi de l'Ebre, and me.

If you're a Catalan Ubuntu user and want to lend a hand, you're more than welcome to join the mailing list to help, and become a Ubuntaire!