Mon, 01 Nov 2004

Anything but Bush

Pretty please!

Tomorrow is the US Presidential Election, and unfortunately only US citizens can vote, although many, many aspects of our lives in the next four years will depend on its outcome. It sucks to be a de-facto US colony and be third-class citizens that aren't allowed to vote.

It sucks that after these long four years with Bush in office, with so many things done so wrong, half of the Americans are about to vote for him. Seeing this from Europe, it makes no sense at all: their economy is completely fucked, their environmental policies basically don't exist, and the brightest idea that has come out from the Oval Office during the last term has been the infamous preemtive war policy that all of these nuts have been enforcing.

Americans have been lied repeatedly during scandals like the Enron bankrupcy, the Medicare costs "underestimation" and the long series of Iraq's WMDs reports and war-related issues, including very obscure contracts for Cheney's company Halliburton. Unemployment has risen quite spectacularly, and the social differences in one of the most powerful economies are bigger today than in 2000. Despite of this and many other negative facts, people still trust these dudes, when all they look for is to further enrich themselves.

Bush and Cheney have killed over 10.000 iraqi people since the war started. How many of them were "terrorists"? How many were women and children who were bombed in their homes? Where is the promised freedom for Iraq, now that people can't even go out to avoid being torn apart by some random car bomb on their street? How many people are in prison without official charges against them in the name of this war against terror? What is terrorism, anyway?

If something terrorizes me tonight is the thought of four more years with this dumb ass leading, if leading is the word, the most powerful country in the planet. I really believe the future will be bloody if this madness continues.

And the worst part is that the only alternative, thanks to the braindead electoral system in the US, is only comparable to your average right wing European party. I can't imagine having to decide between the extreme-ultra-religious-right-wing and the right wing. I'd probably seek for refuge in Canada or Europe... (well, except France was in the same mess not to long ago ;)

As much as I dislike Kerry, I really hope to wake up on Wednesday with the relief of knowing the American people have kicked George W. Bush out of the White House. More than 70% of the Europeans (according to recent polls) probably share my wish... FOAD, Bush!