Fri, 12 Nov 2004

Jornadas GNOME Hispano at Madrid

Yesterday I came to Madrid to attend to the GNOME Hispano meeting. After a few hours of train, I arrived here, and have been attending to the different talks and workshops scheduled.

The first surprise came when during the lunch someone said I should talk about "something" in the unallocated space available due to a talk that had been cancelled. As Carlos could use a bit more time to prepare his Ubuntu talk, I accepted to babble about how the Debian GNOME team was formed and how we coordinate to package the GNOME Desktop releases and other related packages. Despite barely no preparation (half an hour before the talk, people could see me asking "so, what should I talk about" in #gnome-debian), people say it went ok and I managed to fill 45 minutes without talking about totally uninteresting stuff.

When we left Uni, we pretended to have dinner at Fresc Co, but we spent around one hour to get the car parked in Madrid, so we couldn't make it. Instead, we decided to have a tiny Kebab near the hostal and after that we quickly went to bed.

Today I had to get up way too early, but the day has been quite productive. I, as a LliureX team member, have made interesting contacts with the folks from Guadalinex and Linex, and probably we'll be able to come to some agreement to fund a few Free Software projects that really interest us, libburn probably being one of them, along with it's GNOME frontend, and maybe Mergeant, for database manipulation. We're also in touch now to do a11y work and other stuff that we all badly need.

I also had the inevitable debate about the goodness of Componentised Linux with Ismael, which ended up with me not being too convinced about its advantages... we'll have to keep an eye on it though, as it seems our brother projects from Andalucía and Extremadura are moving towards it.

In the evening, we had cool talks about a variety of topics like, Linex, GNOME System Tools and a general What would you change in GNOME? BOF that ended up being very interesting, all directed by Garnacho, Fer and Carlos García Campos. It's been a pleasure to be around here and meet them all.

The meeting is about to end at this point (as soon as the ongoing GNOME backup talk finishes), and we'll go to Madrid to have dinner, and after that, who knows. I need to be in Atocha at 9:00 to fetch my train so I hope the night doesn't get too complicated...