Mon, 12 Jul 2004

GNOME (mostly) sorted in Debian testing!

Last night things finally worked out as we wanted and cupsys, kdelibs, samba, wine and various GNOME bits managed to entered Sarge. Thanks to all of you who had the patience to hold off your uploads to help this happen. And big thanks to vorlon and Kamion for nursing all the stuff.

More surprising is to discover, along with all of the above, that gstreamer0.8 also made it in testing, at least according to the testing output interpreter. If this is true, it would mean all of the important problems of GNOME in testing would be solved now. In any case, when you apt-get update tonight, you testing users should finally get a working gedit and other stuff.

Update: I was obviously too sleepy to blog... what we're missing is gst-plugins0.8, not gstreamer itself.