Mon, 05 Jul 2004

Back from El Pont de Suert

It's been an exhausting weekend, but very, very fun.

We left at 16:00 or so after I left my workplace and had lunch in about 6 minutes. After a drive to the Pyrenees without incidents, we got to the town at 22:00, found a place to camp and went to sleep after dinner. We spent all Saturday seeing things around the area, like the lake where we'd swim, and specially the romanic churches in Boí and Taüll. We went back to Pont de Suert to hear the triathlon's briefing, and finally back to the camping to prepare for the triathlon.

On Sunday morning we woke up early, had a quick breakfast and headed to the town again, to prepare the second boxes, where we left our running shoes and a cap for the sun. We left the caravan there too, took our bikes, the wetsuits and our swimming and cycling stuff and headed to the lake, where the first boxes were. We prepared everything quickly and some minutes later we were starting the 1.500m swim. Swimming in lakes is a lot better than sea in many ways, but above all, because if you accidentally swallow water it's not the end of the world like with salt water. The cycling segment was hard. After getting out of the water, the road would never stop going up until km. 23, where we turned around and descended at 60km/h to Pont de Suert. The running segment made the triathlon the toughest one we've ever run. They took us through a forestal road with many steep areas, with a lot of heat and sun. I had plenty of muscular problems in my quadriceps, and should have abandoned at km. 3, but decided to finish no matter what, and at km. 6 my legs started to hurt a bit less so I could continue running more or less normally the reimaining 4 kilometres. I ended the running segment in 1:01h, probably 15 minutes more than expected, but at least I crossed the finish line.

Soon after finishing, we had a quick shower, packed our bags and bicycles in the caravan and started our return to Valencia. After dealing with a road cut by some farmers in Maials and a tire blow-out (with no further implications thanks to Gabi's driving expertise), we managed to get home at 22:00, little after Greece scored their goal in the Euro final.

It's been a nice triathlon weekend, with the bonus of going back to my loved Pyrenees after 5 years.