Wed, 11 May 2005

No more wisdom

Today was the last chapter of a story that started quite ok, then got a bit worse, and ended with the last of my Wisdom teeth extracted.

Again, the operation went quite ok, although this time, the doctor couldn't just cut the tooth in two and extract both pieces separately... he had to open with a scalpel, take it out and sew the crater. Oww.

Now I sit in front of the monitor, feeling how the pain killers are wearing off, and imagine how long tonight will be... :/ Officially I can't spit, wash my mouth or eat anything hot. Unofficially I basically can't eat much for now. It's great timing, as I have a dinner today, another one with my cousins tomorrow, and in a few days, hopefully a birthday party.

Next steps in my dentist adventure is probably to get some very nice looking bracers. Oh yes!

Go to bed. Now. Stay there until morning. Take your painkillers as soon as you get up. Eat something soft and go back to bed. Don't try to do much of anything until the next day. The day after next if possible.

Posted by Brian at Wed May 11 23:49:43 2005

¿Y no te ha dejado nada el ratoncito Pérez debajo de la almohada?

Posted by Quique at Thu May 12 09:36:22 2005

Jode, y a mí que me llevan dando guerra una temporada... de lo malo malo, parece que ahora que están terminando de salir (a los 33 años nada menos :) se han calmado...

Y bueno, ya contarás qué tal con la pinta de Tiburón :)


Posted by Seajob at Thu May 12 10:33:00 2005

Jejej, qué cabrones. :)

Quique, el ratoncito Pérez, con eso de que es familia materna, pasa de mi un huevo.

Seajob: a mi no me han dolido ni un solo día, pero me estaban apiñando los dientes, sobre todo en la parte inferior, mogollón y hasta decían que tenía riesgo de que acabase algún diente cayendo por falta de apoyo en el hueso. Total, que las 4 fuera (las dos de arriba fueron fáciles, rollo tenaza, 15 segundos y ya) y ahora a ver qué pasa.

Sucks. :)

Posted by Jordi at Thu May 12 12:46:29 2005