Thu, 18 Nov 2004

3 out, 1 to go

Ouch, this time it wasn't so easy. I went to the dentist again to continue with the wisdom teeth extractions.

First news was that he now wanted to extract the two in the right side, while I thought he'd go one by one. One would probably be quite straight forward, like the other day. The other one would probably need surgery.

As soon as the anesthesia was applied, the doctor extracted the upper tooth very easily, in a matter of seconds. Cool, it was a lot less aggressive than the other day.

The one in the bottom would be more difficult though, as it wasn't completely out. Instead of cutting through the flesh, he tried to cut half of the tooth so he'd be able to manually extract the rest. Urgh. He started applying evil tools on top of the poor thing, which made quite terrible noises, and worse, a smell of something burning that impressed me quite a bit. I guess I was way too nervous because they had to repeatedly ask me to calm down. As soon as I relaxed a bit, some weird noise or a bit of pain would put my body on defense mode again... and this went on for more than 30 minutes I think. In the end it was out "cleanly", and I didn't need any sewing, which is good.

When it was over, I noticed I was still trembling a bit and my legs were humid with sweat (and believe me, it's quite strange to have me sweating). After so much anesthesia, I could barely speak, because I couldn't articulate any sound which involves using your tongue...

Eating is a nice exercise now. I can't open my mouth much, and I must avoid using the right side of my jaw entirely. During the dinner, some bits of food would get "lost" inside my mouth, due to my total insensibility, and I had to look for them a few times using my finger. It was a great spectacle. As I write this, the anesthesia is completely over and I'm starting to feel deep pain in the two craters. The one in the bottom part is quite huge and still bleeds. The taste of blood gets a bit boring after so many hours...

One more time, and all this shit will be over.

One anesthesia, one operation and one trauma are enough to suffer: why didn't you choose to make them go all at once!?

Posted by Snark at Thu Nov 18 09:34:16 2004

They advised me not to: they say you can get very, very painful two or three weeks if you go for the 4 at a time. Also, I'm still able to more or less eat, using the left side of my mouth. That's a convenience...

I barely had any sleep though, and I need pain-killers every few hours. I can barely open my mouth to talk, and it's still bleeding.

Posted by Jordi at Thu Nov 18 10:39:45 2004