Wed, 22 Sep 2004

1 out, 3 to go

Time flies and today was the day.

I went to the dentist to get the first of my wisdom teeth removed. I went in a bit nervous, like a 10 year old, but I was more annoyed than frightened about the removal. I was quite happy of having grown up with no teeth decay and with all my teeth in good shape, and now I had to get some removed even if they are healthy.

Anyway, it all lasted for about 25 minutes, including the short wait for my turn and the wait for the anesthesia to do its job. After that, the doctor started pulling and doing stuff and voilà, it was out, and my mouth full of blood. He gave me my tooth so I can do whatever I want with it. It's long, and the part that was exposed is cleaner than what wasn't. I'm keeping it for a while, maybe I get a great idea of what to do with four long Wisdom teeth. I tried to get two teeth out at once, but the doctor said it wasn't possible, as that would involve both sides of the mouth, and that can get annoying when eating. The next two to go out will involve surgery. That won't be as easy as today...

The rest of the evening was spent at Kike's house and trying to go to the bicycle demonstration for the "Day without cars", but we got to the starting point late and never found them. So, while we looked for it, Kike told me Ferran Torrent is about to publish the third part of the book saga "Societat limitada" and "Espècies protegides". Not finding the group of bicycles, we moved to FNAC to look for the new book, but it isn't out yet. I'll raid the "Tres i quatre" bookstore to get it as soon as it's out. I can't wait.

Oh, before the dentist I met Kike and Raúl to plan our next cycling trip during the October 9-12 long weekend. The route is decided, and it's going to be *tough* once again!

you must have a very conservative dentist. i had all four of mine out in one appointment - although they were all in pretty bad shape, so maybe it was more urgent. eating wasn't all that hard, i had to stick to fluids for a couple of days, but no real problems.

i didn't get any keepsakes, either. the teeth had twisted around 90 degrees in my jaw, they had to be chopped into tiny pieces to get them out. can't really say how hard it was, though, since i was completely sedated and don't remember a thing.

Posted by Nomen Nescio at Wed Sep 22 23:53:09 2004

Owww, that sounds like a fun evening...

Yeah, I'd really prefer to get them out at least 2 at a time, but for some reason it's not convenient.

Incidentally, the doctor is conservative, politically speaking. :)

Posted by Jordi at Thu Sep 23 00:29:21 2004