Sun, 05 Sep 2004

Hardware disaster

The big storms of the past days not only affected some trees and the cars below them. On Saturday I went to where my main server lives and discovered the primary hard drive had developed a new musical skill: every time the BIOS tried to access it it would reply with a funky loud sound I have never heard before (and no, it's not the usual high pitch sound of a drive when it's dying). After getting quite worried about those backups I never made, I managed to make it go quiet and boot again (that was just before I wrote the previous blog entry). I know I shouldn't be trusting that drive much more, but I have no time to look for a replacement right now. I hope there are no more big storms in some time...

Besides that, my main Debian computer just would not react to the power switch at all. I first thought the power supply was completely fucked, but a few minutes ago I managed to get it back to life after fiddling inside the box, randomly unplugging and plugging power cords back and forth.

In short, it seems my computers are not in their best shape ever. This reminds me (again) that I really need to look for a UPS for the two boxes. Any cheap recommendation that works well with GNU/Linux? And of course, this is the signal that I fucking need to make backups of my stuff!

Aww, Erinn, when I wrote about the storm the other day I didn't know that you were being evacuated due to Frances. I hope all is well!

Charley almost got my PC.  I took it into work with me (its important, yaknow) and my work got directly hit.. during the eye i retrieved the case from where i stored it, I returned after all was said and done and a hole in the ceiling was gushing water down.. right where the pc was 30 minutes prior.  thank god i went for it and got it out..

fuck you charley!

Posted by circuit_breaker at Wed Sep 8 06:23:34 2004