Sat, 04 Sep 2004

Violent storms

(Readers from Florida, skip this entry as it's probably insulting that I talk about big storms when that hurricane is approaching your houses :)

On Thursday, there was a big rain storm in València, one of the biggest I've seen in my life. By pure bad luck, I was inside a bar in Benimaclet at 00:15, saying good bye to my friends when it started to rain. As I had to cycle back home and it was raining a lot, I decided to wait until it stopped. 3 hours later, I was still inside the bar, watching how the rain got heavier and the square where it's located was flooding, as the sewers couldn't deal with all the water that was coming in. A few minutes later, the water was so high that it started getting in the bar, but luckily it stopped raining so intensely and the water level started to go down again.

When I got home, I found the living room was full of water, as well as the kitchen. Cleaning that made me go to bed at 4 or so, making me a zombie next morning at work...

Last night I went to Bétera to have dinner with some team mates, and I was able to see the most impressive electric storm of my whole life. The lightnings were continuous, and the storm seemed to move towards our direction. At one point it started raining very heavily, and water started pouring into the house even with the windows closed. The extremely strong winds did the rest: we could see how huge, 20m tall trees around us just broke as if they were matches, with quite bad results for the cars that were at one side of it, which were basically crushed.

It's incredible how small and irrelevant we can feel when nature shows its real power...

Hey tio, no sabía que eras de ahí, yo soy de Burjassot y tanto el lugar donde trabajo como mi casa también se han llenado de agua :( afortunadamente mi equipo con Debian (experimental) estuvo a salvo :).


Posted by Fran at Sun Sep 5 23:16:43 2004

so was it freaky dude was it cool or was it scary dude okay okay see ya dude

Posted by autumn at Thu Nov 11 01:43:20 2004