Sat, 12 Mar 2005

Want to help the GNOME team?

Following up to my previous post about GNOME 2.10 packages for Debian, seb, sjoerd and a few others in #gnome-debian thought that we could tell people how they can really help us with the packaging.

Normally, doing the actual packages is not such a big problem, except when there are tricky upgrades and transitions. We've had enough past experience to handle that more or less gracefully. What we most need help on is with BTS triaging for the many bugs filed against GNOME Team packages. Specifically, we can use help from people reading, testing and commenting about the validity of the bugs filed against nautilus, evolution, control-center, gnome-panel, epiphany and in general, bugs filed against packages under the Debian GNOME team's umbrella.

Helping like this is easy. Just looking for bugs that were filed many months ago and that were obviously fixed in GNOME 2.6 or 2.8 is a good start. If in doubt, don't hesitate to ask any question in the mailing list, or the #gnome-debian channel in GIMPnet. Many thanks!

We used to use Gnome as the standard, default system for our users.  We had to stop because of a stupid, spurious error with keyboard configuration.  I tried to report this as a bug in gconf, and it was closed because it is 'not our problem'.  We still have the bug, but it doesn't matter so much, since we can't recommend that people use Gnome anymore.

Aren't Debian developers interested in actually helping people with problems instead of just ditching the bug reports?

Posted by Dr A V Le Blanc at Wed Apr 6 11:16:59 2005

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