Thu, 10 Mar 2005

So, where are the GNOME 2.10 packages?

Six months ago, the GNOME team was able to provide GNOME 2.8 packages for experimental the day it was released. I guess people expected the same would happen for 2.10...

Well, no. We haven't started serious work on creating GNOME 2.10 packages for unstable, not even experimental. Right now, we're trying to stabilise the uploads done to sync unstable/testing with the GNOME 2.8.3 release, which happened a few weeks ago. A few buildd's haven't catched up or need to retry some libs due to missing build-deps. We're also trying to finish up the non-howl transition. It should be solved pretty soonish, and nothing should stop us from starting to work on 2.10 as soon as this weekend.

When we start, it won't take too long, because fortunately seb128 has done most of the work for Hoary, so for most tarballs it'll be a matter of syncing. Be prepared to use external repositories, though, as GNOME 2.10 includes a few new modules like gnome-menus which would trigger NEW and would probably take weeks to appear in the archive. I assume we'll use the pkg-gnome repository as we did for 2.6, until we can move to either experimental or unstable, once Sarge freezes.

What is pretty clear, just if you're wondering, is that Debian Sarge will not release with GNOME 2.10. We know this was said for 2.6 and 2.8 in the past, but this time it appears the freeze is actually close. We'll stick with GNOME 2.8.3 for the release, although it wouldn't be surprising if we end up offering a semi-official backport for Sarge in pkg-gnome.

Oh, last but not least, congrats to all the GNOME folks for another rocking and successful release!

Good news. Although I'm more on the QT/KDE-side of things, I really want to test gnome 2.10.

Guess your blog doesn't support backtracks, does it?

Posted by chimaera at Sun Mar 13 20:19:56 2005

Nope, no tb's. I guess I should install the plugin...

Posted by Jordi at Mon Mar 14 13:43:06 2005

Two weeks have flown by since your blog. Any update you could provide would be warmly welcomed. Best wishes.

Posted by appreciative at Wed Mar 23 23:27:09 2005

whow. spam + google hacking :)

no way to remove these ?

anyway thanks for keeping us informed. I see on the alioth page ( that packages have been uploaded to experimental, but I couldn't find any ?!

Posted by nodens at Wed Mar 30 22:53:49 2005

Today is Jun 3, 2005.  Composing a post now may be a bit late.  The Gnome 2.10 is already in experimental, and many people as I know have been using them now.  It is no doubt that Gnome 2.10 is a wonderful release and the Debian gnome team is an excellent team.  Thank you all for this good work.  However, the Gnome 2.10 packages have still some obscure but important bugs.  For example, the libgnomecanvas 2.10 would result in the evolution crashed when switching to calendars.  And the abiword would crashed when exiting.  Since Debian Sarge would freeze quickly, I really hope your team can focus on the Gnome 2.10 and give us a wonderful and stable release.  Thanks.

Posted by Hongzheng at Fri Jun 3 17:35:41 2005