Tue, 27 Jun 2006

The price of naked swimming in the Mediterranean

So to make a long story short, last night at GUADEC featured a great Fluendo party at one of Vilanova's great beaches. At some point, people had drunk enough to finally consider getting a good swim in the warm waters of the Mediterranean. David Reveman, from the Novell crowd, was one of them.

I learned from Anna that in the US it is illegal to show your nipples (ie, go top-less) or any “reproductive organs” in public. WTF!? The GNOME Hispano crowd did have no problems at all, and went in completely naked, reminding me of the great nights at Helsinki during Debconf 5.

I thought it was a good opportunity to POP THE TRUNK, if only a little bit, so I swam to the buoy and came back, in complete darkness, and acs watching out for me from the distance. When we were back, most people were getting dressed already, and I managed to lose my micro suimming suit, which is a PITA as I need it to train.

The phone had more sand than silicon, I guess.

Anyway, I wasn't the only one leaving stuff behind. David, if you mind your valuable wallet and mobile phone, find me around the conference. :)

Other GUADEC stories will need to wait for another entry...

In the US, most of the law enforcement takes place at the state level or local level, so much so that the phrase "illegal in the US" is almost never right.  Even if you kill someone, the law against murder is a state, not a federal, law.

There are many nude beaches in the US, but it is true that it's against the law in most places for women to go topless.  It's our Puritan heritage.  However, there are some places where the cops would just freak out, and other places where infractions would be ignored even if there's a law on the books.

Posted by Joe Buck at Tue Jun 27 18:36:28 2006

Ja heu penjat les fotos del segon paràgraf?

Posted by Marc at Wed Jun 28 07:54:49 2006

According to <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Topfree_equality>, showing your nipples in public is legal in at least Hawaii, Maine, New York, Ohio, and Texas -- which together comprise about 50+ million people, or about 1/6 of the US.

That said, I've never known anybody who's had any legal action taken against them for being topless (especially men -- sexism at work).  Maybe it's simply old laws that nobody's had the guts to challenge yet.

Posted by Tif at Wed Jun 28 20:53:02 2006