Thu, 23 Jun 2005

Where the hell is this phone number from?!?

Forget this. My mobile phone just rang, and I see a weird, unknown and long number in the display, starting with +3585... so I pick it up at first thinking it's one of those strange numbers coming from the Generalitat. At the other end, a voice, surrounded by enough noise to make me not recognise it, speaks. "Eeeeeei, Jordiiiiiiiii!!". "Óscar?", I ask. "Nooo, sóc el Guillem!". Guillem? WTH is Guillem? One and a half seconds later, my brain connects this name to the more usual handle braindmg (I really need a nap), and everything makes sense.

So, Jesús and Guillem managed to get funding from their boss at Nokia for me to attend Debconf 5 in Helsinki. I'm grateful for their big effort, and can't wait for Debconf to start in just a few weeks. It's clearly going to be great!

Now, the question is how helix will react when we meet again. Don't abandon me like you did in Mataró!

Congratulations! Hope you have a great time. Hmm, is there an IRC channel for people not going to be at debconf to sulk together?

Posted by Jon at Thu Jun 23 17:57:53 2005

Yeah, I assume it'll be either #debconf or #debconf5 at Freenode.

Posted by Jordi at Thu Jun 23 18:06:59 2005

Good! I'm glad you ate your own words :D

Posted by Gunnar Wolf at Fri Jun 24 00:13:22 2005

That idd prefix is for Cyprus.

Posted by Pete at Fri Jun 24 11:28:32 2005