Fri, 10 Jun 2005

An established tradition: no DebConf for me

I guess it's late enough to make this official. Once again, I won't be in DebConf5.

A pair of months ago I submitted a draft outline of what could be my talk for Debconf. My idea was to talk about teamwork in Debian, how Alioth has helped a lot to make teams of packagers, and talking about the specific GNOME Team case as an example of this. Eventually, the talk (and, I believed, my options to get some funding) was rejected, so I thought there was no way I would be in Finland this summer. When Bdale came to Castelló at the beginning of May, he told me I may be on time to ask for funding, and that I should really be in DebConf. Thanks for the kind comments bdale, :) but I took way too much time to react (I asked here and there and saw that funding was probably covered by already confirmed attendees).

Two days ago, partly to please Erinn, partly because I know I'm going to miss a great Debconf this year, I mailed Gunnar to see if there was any chance, but I knew what the reply would be. Not only funding is impossible now, but even getting some room to sleep is scarce, even in a place for 20/30 persons.

Having a look at how the full thing would cost me, including plane tickets and all, it's a no-op. Too bad, it would have been very cool to meet everyone who keep telling me "see you in Finland". Well, you won't, I'm very sorry...

Not going to Finland unblocks another plan, though. If I can't go to Debconf, I can't miss the Jornades de Programari Lliure in the UPC campus at Vilanova i la Geltrú, where it seems I will meet tbm again (OMG, no no no!) and we can do cool stuff with the local Catalan Debian community. And, between talks, the beach is so near you can go relax a bit on the sand!

Shit... :-( But I tried to be nice on you! I tried not to scare you off! Now people will think I'm a mean guy!
Shame you can't make it... Anyway, hope to have you next year in Mexico. First Debconf in a Spanish-speaking country - You cannot miss it! :)

Posted by Gunnar Wolf at Fri Jun 10 01:45:07 2005