Fri, 08 Oct 2004

Crazy cycling trip

Early on Saturday we'll set off for what will probably be the craziest and biggest adventure ever. Kike, Kiko, Raúl and I will start a cycling trip during all of the long weekend we have in Spain, travelling through four Spanish provinces in just four days.

Last year, we did something similar (Catalan) when we followed part of the route El Cid Campeador took while he conquered all of this land, centuries ago. The experience marked me a lot, because I had never travelled without knowing where I would sleep, or if we'd find something to eat that night. During 4 days and nights, we crossed the provinces of Teruel and Castelló, carrying all we needed on our bikes. In total, we completed something like 420 kms, after sleeping three nights under the stars.

This year, it's the same story, with a few major differences. The route is different, of course. We'll go to Vinaròs by car, kindly lifted by Raúl's dad, and from there, we'll travel to Ulldecona, Fredes, Morella, Camarilla, Alcalá de la Selva, Javalambre, Ademúz and Requena, where we'll fetch a train to València. In total, that's over 510 kms to complete in less than four days, which is pretty crazy.

If this isn't enough, Raúl is talking about not carrying a camping tent, to save some kilograms in our "luggage". Normally we wouldn't use it anyway, but it's good to know you have it behind you just in case you come across a storm.

And this takes us to the worst part. The weather forecasts say we're going to be soaking wet pretty soon after we start, and rain will be a constant all over the four days. I can imagine the cold getting inside my wet maillot already and not being able to change clothes... or getting to a village and not finding some dry place where we can sleep.

We're prepared to do it, anyway. It's going to be tough, but I'm very looking forward to my first computer-free vacation in the last many months.