Thu, 07 Oct 2004

Season 2004/2005 starting

Last Monday was the official start of the new triathlon season for the team. Some of the team people had started way before, early in September, but I decided to wait for the first official day.

This year we've got quite a few newcomers, including two Italians and two very young athletes (a 17 y/o boy and a 18 y/o girl), and they seem to like the team. Probably this is because the training is very easy right now: no swimming yet (we're looking for a suitable new swimming pool) and no cycling yet for many as they lack road bicycles. I'm pretty unmotivated to train right now, for a number of reasons, but attended the first to days to more or less welcome them and to see if I got thrilled to start a new season. But not really... I guess the reasons for this lack of motivation are not easy to ignore.

During the two years I've been on the team I've mostly subtituted my friends with new ones, all related to the triathlon world. I mostly didn't find time to visit or do things with my other friends, even if I kept thinking about phoning them or going to their places to see what they were up to. Most of the time I never did, because I just forgot, having too many things in my head, or no time at all to do it. I want to change this, and the only solution is to focus triathlon in some other way that doesn't require most of my free time for trainings. After all, I'm not going to win races or feel better with myself even if I train 10 hours each day, so there's no need to...

Also, my schedule is going to be a lot tighter this year, with work and uni getting quite intense, so that means less free time. My closer teammates progressed a lot last year, and they have grand training plans for this new season. One day we met to talk about these plans and I couldn't help feeling completely out of the group, as the objectives were completely different.

But on the other hand, my flatmates are triathletes, so that might help me going out to train every now and then. We'll see soon, when the training starts getting serious. For now, I'll just try to go out for a run when I feel like it, and avoid it when it feels like an obligation.

Andrew, good luck with your new sport!