Tue, 20 Jan 2004

Reorganisation of the Debian Catalan translations

Guillem and I have finally decided what coordination strategy we want to use for Debian's reborn Catalan l10n team. The Dutch and French teams have a quite organised method that works through e-mail, as we wanted, and provides a way of nicely tracking the status of all the translations that Debian translators need to care about. We have a proposal written which we'll mail to debian-l10n-catalan@l.d.o tomorrow, let's see if people like it.

Uploaded GTranslator 1.1.4 to Debian, after applying a patch to remove some GTK 2.3-only (I guess) stuff.

Yesterday I went to bed at 1:30AM, probably managed to get asleep at around 4:30. Excellent...

Biological clock in serious need of readjusting...

After going cycling on Saturday (when I discovered my cold is still alive and well), I had a looong lunch at house of some of my father's friends. We got back home at 18:30 or so, with a big headache, due to the critical need of sleep that I have been accumulating... went to bed for a "short" nap, and by accident I woke up at 23:30, quite confused... "Is it the morning? Why am I so hungry?". Since then, I haven't been able to get asleep at decent hours, and tbm is laughing at me because I very recently said I never go to bed at 2AM these days... well, 3 days in a row now, and counting.

In one of these long evenings and nights, I decided to upgrade the first of my servers to Sarge, and the upgrade went quite ok; only PostgreSQL and PHP4 gave me headaches. In the first case, the automatic upgrade of the databases failed (in fact, I think I have never seen it work correctly across minor releases, but that's probably due to some non-Debianish setup I have in my boxes). After that, the format change in pg_hba.conf confused me a bit. Got it straight in the end, thanks to the nice help I got from Isaac. PHP4 was tricky too. Apache would segfault if the PHP gd module (which gallery needs) was loaded. Got input from the two local experts. Fabbione said "blame PHP, remove it and it won't segfault". Well, thanks Fabio ;P When I tried harder on him, he said php4-gd sucks, and bingo, removing gd.so from php.ini made Apache happy. Vorlon suggested using php4-gd2, which I didn't even know about. Woops, unresolved symbols. Upgrading to the version of libgd2-xmp in unstable fixed it luckily (for those who care, that version of libgd2 is entering testing today), and all services are ok now. In all, the upgrade went well, having in mind many bits are missing from Sarge still.

As we feared, testing really insisted in having galeon built for arm before it would allow meta-gnome2 into testing. I have uploaded version 45 to unstable and this should hopefully be the final version that makes it in.

Oh, very important, I'd like to use the nice window that the Planets provide to state that weasel rules, and you should vote for him in the next Debian elections, just as I will. He has wild ideas for Debian if he gets elected. For example, he promises he'll get rid of the bureaucratic DPL elections starting next year, so we can concentrate more on releasing Sarge (and as a bonus, weasel will be DPL forever: as good as it can get). I'm a proud member of his campaign coordination team. I hope this will make him not remove my Debian account as he will do with tbm's.