Tue, 31 Aug 2004

Freeciv moves to Alioth

Last night, I opened up the pkg-freeciv project in Alioth and moved my freeciv stuff to a SVN repository. Just before that, I fooled Kyle McMartin to join the team. It was quite easy, actually.

17:19 < Oskuro> I think I'm ptting freeciv up on alioth right away.
17:19 < kyle> yay freeciv.
17:20  * Oskuro adds kyle to the project.
17:20 < kyle> sure. :)
17:20 < Oskuro> really? :)
17:20 < kyle> sure.
17:20 < kyle> i've got time. :)
17:20 < Oskuro> heh, we have a customer :D

I wish it were always so easy. :D Jason Short, from Freeciv upstream, has also joined, as he had always been helpful with patches and advice for the packages. A few others might join too.

We have split the big Debian patch into smaller bits, and will make our first upload coming from SVN soon. It'd be cool if it makes Sarge, this way the Freeciv package in Sarge will have the mailing list in the Maintainer header, and I won't be getting all the bug reports directly.