Sun, 06 Jun 2004

Santa Pola

Today's triathlon was the first I was really happy about my result. Santa Pola is a 2:30h away from València, and we had to get up scarily early to be in time for the boxes check. We left at 6AM, which meant getting up at 4:45... insane.

Santa Pola's is a nice triathlon. Today was the second edition and for the first time I could repeal the blows in the water more or less ok, managed to get in the group before me in the cycling segment, and ran at around 4mins/km in the final segment, ending with a quite ok (for me) 1:06:00 mark in a sprint distance. The following triathlons are all olympic distance, let's see if I keep it up.

That's a great time for a sprint tri! Keep up the good work and thanks for visiting my blog.


Posted by K. Brown at Mon Jun 21 00:19:15 2004