Tue, 30 Nov 2010

The unforeseen consequences of our GR 11 Summer walk

I knew walking all over the Pyrenees during a whole month would come with some side effects. I could imagine having a few muscular issues in my legs and some back pain for a while after getting back; after all we did over 7 hours of exercise every single day during a month. What I got after our hike was totally unexpected...

I should have run a half marathon in Gandia on the 21st, and instead I stayed at home doing some assignments. When we came back, I was in a really good condition, and wanted to keep the good shape we had built the month before. Given I haven't been able to swim for nearly a year now, due to the Mysterious Shoulder Injury™ and I don't have enough time to go out cycling regularly, I centered my efforts in running, with the idea of starting to get prepared for cross/mountain races this season.

Training had to wait a little because some days after getting back, I got a sudden pain on both knees, which even made climbing stairs difficult. It stuck for a while, and when it finally went away, more or less, I went ahead and tried going out for a run. I haven't been training for over two years, so I indended to increase the distances proggressively. The first day I went out, I ran really nicely for the first 25 minutes, and suddenly I started getting an intense pain in the outer side of my right knee, to the point I could barely walk back home.

I've tried letting them rest for weeks, and every time I try them, the pain comes back. My physiotherapist says my body has developed quite a few asymmetries, probably caused by the many days I had to walk crippled by a big blister in my right foot. As time passes, I feel I'm losing all the physical improvements I had developed during the summer, and I can't do anything about it.

The new approach to tackle this is yoga. I know my body isn't too elastic, and the lack of stretching during the walk made it even worse, so I'll try to forget about “real” traning during some time and focus on healing my muscles. Hopefully, this will help me resolve the nastiest physical problem I've ever come across.

Perhaps weedy geeks aren't built for hill walking.

Posted by Bob Bobson at Wed Dec 1 01:27:41 2010

I know what it is because I got the same thing after training too much in running!

Link http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syndrome_de_la_bandelette_ilio-tibiale (sorry French only I do not know the English na

Physicians took months and a lot of useless exams to identify it. Turned out the only solution was to stop every physical activities involving my legs for 9 months. This shit takes ages to resort and if like me you try to go too fast you're up to start the whole cycle again.

Oh, guess I just found the English name and link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iliotibial_band_syndrome

Feel free to drop me an email if you want further information about it !

Posted by sebastien at Wed Dec 1 02:08:15 2010

After a bike injury, I did a session of physical therapy.  I decided it was close enough to Yoga that I should just do that.  It worked really well.  I try to do Ashtanga Yoga every other day, and it's been great for my body.

Posted by Andres Salomon at Wed Dec 1 02:30:35 2010

Sorry to hear. It sounds very much like an ITB (Illio-Tibial Band) issue, very common among runners but it is treatable. Yoga is a good start and then there are some specific ITB stretched you can do too.  Good luck! I have a borken ankle right now so I can totally sympathise I can;t do ANYTHING and it is driving me mad.

Get better soon.


Posted by JaneF (previously JaneW) at Wed Dec 1 07:37:20 2010


doing his stretches relieved my knee pain (you can get a preview of the book from some "parallel" channel"). Hope it'll help you.


Posted by andrea at Wed Dec 1 08:26:51 2010

If you can, try to do Tibetan Yoga, the one that trains also your mind, so when you'll be healed you'll be better prepeared for marathons too ;)

Good luck!

Posted by Ulisse at Wed Dec 1 17:43:44 2010

Many thanks, everyone! Thanks for putting a name to this. At least I can get something to read while I don't run. :)

Also, thanks for hinting me that yoga might be a good therapy.

Third, it's awesome to read you again, Jane! I hope your ankle gets completely healed and you can go back to being the active Jane I met years ago!

Posted by jordi at Wed Dec 1 19:33:51 2010