Fri, 01 Aug 2008

Pyrenees and Mallorca

This is the last thing I type before I leave office, pick up my backpack and drive all the way to Espot, in the Catalan Pyrenees, to hike around the GR 11 during 7 or 8 days. After that, we'll take a plane to Mallorca, to spend another week with Jeroni and others in a small town (I always forget its name).

I'm really looking forward to this, it's been two years since my last trip to the Pyrenees, and I've been wanting to visit Mallorca for a long time.

I'm glad I'll be completely incommunicado, so see you on my return on the 18th. Have a nice DebConf, you lucky ones!

Have fun dude! Taking some time to trod the GR's is something I've been wanting to do for a long time. You seem to have your priorities set better than mine :)

Posted by Andy Wingo at Fri Aug 1 15:47:04 2008

Yo también voy a ir a Espot, pero para hacer Rafting,jugar a Paintball y ver el parque d'Aigues Tortes :)

Un saludo desde Mallorca (espero que te guste la isla) :P

Posted by mikelete at Fri Aug 1 16:11:02 2008