Sun, 10 Jul 2005

Je t'aime, Charles

What do most people that came to Debconf via Paris have in common? We all lost our luggage.

After very quickly packing my stuff up, including a number of glass bottles for some people who will get them if they are nice to me (hi helix!), I managed to arrive well ahead in time to València's airport. I checked in, arrived to Paris-CDG with a very short time frame to change planes. I quickly got off the plane from València and followed quite blindly the indications to "flight connections", and suddenly I nearly was in the street. I started to get a bit nervious, not knowing too well were to go. I finally found the Finnair desk, and was the last one to check in for the plane and board.

This had a positive effect: I quickly stumbled upon jacobo, and we both had last minute seats in business class. During the flight I had time to have fun with a pen that spilled ink all over the place, I managed to spill my tea all over the place, and accidentally fell asleep for half an hour or so.

At the airport, we waited at the baggage claim area for our bags, in vain. Denis Barbier, Jacobo and I didn't get ours, but at least they managed to get them back later during the evening. Mine will have to wait until tomorrow evening, who knows why, so I have no clothes, toothbrush or anything until then, and what's worse, I fear so much the oil bottle will end up breaking and fuck up all my clothes.

After leaving my stuff at Guillem's place, we went to Otaniemi, and I met a big number of people, including helix, Alfie, gwolf, stargirl, marga... Incidentally, a big number of them had lost their luggage some days before, too. It's nice to see people I have never seen in person before. I'm really going to enjoy this.

By the way, it's 3:30 in the morning as I finish this entry and I'd swear the sky was never completely back tonight. It's probably getting lighter already outside!

¿Has recuperado ya la maleta?
¿Estaba la ropa `lubricada'?  };-P

Posted by Quique at Mon Jul 11 18:15:56 2005

No, llegó todo a salvo, menos mal :)

Aunque total, al final he usado poca ropa ;)

Posted by Jordi at Mon Jul 18 01:23:49 2005