Sun, 09 Dec 2007


With four plane tickets already in our hands, it's official. Clara, Sabri, Joni and I will be flying to Marrakech as 2007 languishes, spending the first hours of 2008 in the city, and then start our way to the South during the following week.

We still haven't settled on a planned route, but travelling with these friends is mostly a synonym of adventure and fun. The desert, the snow, the villages, the mosques, the souks, the spices, the hammams... I can't wait!

as we say here in Morocco:merhaba!
enjoy your journey

Posted by nabil at Mon Dec 10 00:17:44 2007

Merhaba, nabil!

Thank you, I'll try my best! :)

Posted by Jordi at Mon Dec 10 01:05:55 2007

Remember to check out the orange juice at the Jmaa el Fna! And try to stay in a Rihad for a day, it's truly enjoyable.

Posted by Max at Mon Dec 10 07:23:20 2007

For some inspiration:

Posted by Ole at Mon Dec 10 10:44:27 2007

I live about 6 hours away in Fes. If there is any chance you will be coming my way, let me know. I would be happy to give you a tour personally. :)

Either way, I hope you enjoy your visit to Morocco.

Merhaba bikum! (Welcome to you all!)

Posted by matthew at Mon Dec 10 13:19:38 2007