Sun, 18 Jan 2009


I'm glad to announce that I'll be again in Brussels for this year's FOSDEM. Ivan and I will fly from Zaragoza (!) on Friday, just on time for the beer event, and come back on Monday evening. I know azeem would have not been happy otherwise!

Why spell it in French? Brussels has three official spellings: Bruxelles (French), Brussel (Dutch) and Brussels (English). None of these are particularly authentic. The original medievil names are Bruocsella, and later on Broekzele (Flemish).

I live in Brussels but as I'm a Dutch speaker I don't refer to it as 'Bruxelles' unless I'm speaking French. Why would you do it? It makes you look like a total snob.

Posted by Jonas at Sun Jan 18 22:22:53 2009

Jonas, summarising what I was trying to post before (the spam filter isn't being good to me :), you're not the first one pointing this out, and I've corrected this.

Posted by jordi at Sun Jan 18 22:34:50 2009

Awesome. Sorry for the hard language. Pet peeve and all. Cheers!

Posted by Jonas at Sun Jan 18 22:56:33 2009

add the german spelling: Brüssel. And I think there are more...

Posted by Martin Ziegler at Sun Jan 18 23:42:17 2009

See you there :P

Posted by Heimy at Thu Jan 29 17:31:29 2009