Wed, 02 Aug 2006


Tomorrow I'll be going with Belén to Asturies, one of the northern regions of the Spanish state. The plan is to spend the weekend in Ribadesella during the celebration of the Descenso Internacional del Sella and then move around the area and walk all over the beautiful Asturian mountains, during four days, until Friday.

The plan for those four days is pretty loose right now, so if anyone has suggestions about must see places, I'm very interested in hearing them in comments. My idea is to do daytrips of several hours (6 or 7), coming back to our base camp to sleep, but if there's something we really should visit and it involves a two day stage, we'll probably bear with carrying the heavy tent around too.


I am Asturian. You can visit Covadonga's lakes, which are near Arriondas, where the "descenso". Also it's very nice Llanes's zone, and Cangas de Onís

Regards, and you have a good time for Asturias.

Posted by Dani Yerga at Wed Aug 2 20:59:59 2006

Gràcies Dani! Los lagos estaba claro, y ya veremos cómo repartimos el tiempo para Cangas y Llanes, pq tb queremos estar un poco por la costa.

Posted by Jordi at Wed Aug 2 22:13:13 2006

Welcome to Asturias :-)

Sella is a great party, perhaps too much people.


Posted by Wikier at Thu Aug 3 08:27:35 2006

Hope that your base camp will be out of Ribadesella, in other way, sleep there can be very complicated for you. Too much night parties to let you sleep. Have fun in your travel and enjoy the north of Spain.

Posted by Jose at Thu Aug 3 13:10:45 2006

I hope you enjoyed a good time visiting us, at Ribadesella and all the rest.

Posted by Ricardo Mones at Mon Aug 7 23:59:03 2006

'Spanish state' sounds pathetic.

Why don't you use just that plain simple old word: 'Spain' or Reign of Spain at least.

Man, I do not understand spanish inferiority complex.

Posted by Far from Moscow at Thu Aug 10 19:08:59 2006

Woa Jose, I wish I had read your comment before leaving.

Sleeping in the school's playground was HELL!

Posted by Jordi at Wed Aug 16 14:38:07 2006