Fri, 09 Jan 2004

Stupid White Men

One of my Christmas presents was the British edition of Michael Moore's Stupid White Men. I got it in English because I tend to enjoy movies or books more if I see/read them first in their original version. My sister, on a totally unrelated xmas present, got the Spanish version, just as a few friends did. They say it was impossible to find a copy of this book in Valencia the weeks before and during Christmas. Not surprising, as Bowling For Columbine has been one of the most seen (and discussed) films during 2003 in Spain, when all the Iraq war stuff was going on.

Anyway, I didn't know if I should start reading this first, or go ahead with Ferran Torrent's "Espècies protegides". I took "Stupid White Men", as I have very recently read the first part of Torrent's book, so it's probably time to switch a bit. While I travelled to Uni in the subway, I couldn't stop laughing at every single page of this book, and it was just the "introduction to British readers", where he tells the story about the book being printed on September 10, 2001, and after the 9/11 attacks, Harper Collins refusing to put it on the shelves if Mike didn't "rewrite 50% of it". A nice little story of how a bunch of librarians put so much pressure on the editor that they were forced to put the book out, without any media covering or anything, and the book literally dissapeared from book stores the first day it was out. I'm going to enjoy this read.