Sat, 31 Jan 2004

Orkut, this week's cool thing

A few days ago, tbm invited me to join Orkut, Google's new toy. I wasn't too interested in the begining, but in the last hours it has caught fire. I don't stop getting new invitations (ok, I don't stop sending invitations myself), and this hopelessly looks like the next grand way of making your free time vanish.

In a few hours, orkut is telling me I'm quite trustworthy, quite cool and, take this, sexy. An obvious indication that this is just a toy. Oh, and I also have two fans. I love you too, Amaya :) (sorry DanielS ;) I have joined a few nice communities, and guess what, I'm now an Official Fan of Branden Robinson.

While discussing on IRC if the American meaning for "libertarian" is the same as the Spanish meaning (although what I knew about the American Libertarian Party and Eric Raymond being a declared "libertarian" made me think it wasn't), we came across The Political Compass, a fun tool. My result:

   Economic Left/Right: -9.12
   Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.92

Heimy and braindmg have been hacking on the l10n-bot for a while. Heimy rewrote it in python, while braindmg fixed some more issues in the old perl version we're currently using. Their plan is, I think, to open an Alioth project for the stuff so all the Debian l10n teams can benefit from a central installation. Oh. It has been PostgreSQLised too. :)